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(Subcontracting to Ross Whitburn Electrical Ltd, Dunedin.)


The data from the check weigher is captured by a Telemecanique M340 PLC via a Ethernet/modbus TCPIP gateway. This data is provided, in real-time and graphically, on touch screens for operators and management to monitor

Dairyworks, Christchurch.

Check weigher data collection

Project List

An Omron PLC and load cell controller were removed and replaced by a Telemecanique Twido PLC . This provides a cost effective and simplified control system. This system is adjustable by the operator on a local pushbutton display and remotely visible for management via the office network. The system records production data for collection by data analyses software

Grate Bagging

The Telemechanique M340 PLC has a RS485 serial link to twelve Allen Bradley VSD motor controllers. The PLC monitors and controls the conveyors from the factory touch screens. Motor speeds can be set or automated via the touch screens or management PCs via a web server

Conveyor Control

Changing the control logic on the Omron and Toshiba PLCs to improve the performance of the SIG Tea Bagging Machines. Integration of the system monitoring and data acquisition onto the company ethernet network

Text Display

OEM Upgrade, SIG Teabagging Machine

The Telemechinique Twido PLC also has an RS232 link to a large LED Text Display. The display updated production data, real-time or user messages to the factory staff.

Tiger (tea) taming